South Indian

Love the smell of crisp vadas, the spluttering sound of mustard seeds, the taste of hot piping sambar made with fresh tamarind and the aroma of feather light soft idlis and many more delicious varieties of food items which awaken the senses are a part of South Indian Food. South Indian Foods are a blend of flavorful with tastes ranging from spicy to sour to sweet.

Kerala Sadya

We serve the best Sadya which will tickle your taste buds and will make you crave for more. Sadya served in banana leaf is the favourite food of Malayalis. From the heartland of Kerala, this specially curated menu includes banana chips (Upperi) and fritters coated with jaggery as a starter with various chutneys and gravies. Unleash the taste of Kerala at A-la-Carte.


Regional Office

Olickans Archade Thiruvaniyoor,

Ernakulam - 682308

Known as one of the premier on-premise caterers in Kerala. A-la-carte is best known for the services and the hospitality we provide to our customers.


Kochi : 9072 66 1001

Customer Care : 9072 66 1000